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BERT Emergency Recovery Training  


About BERT International:
BERT International is a non profit organization that prepares business managers and executives to take care of themselves and their families during large scale emergencies until first responders arrive. The company offers online and in person training for anyone who wants to be more prepared during active shooter events, natural disasters and other emergencies that affect the workplace.

Our Mission is to develop the expertise, relationships and tools to help you prepare for, respond to and recover from large scale emergencies.… alleviating fear since 2008

Key Facts:

• BERT stands for Business Emergency Response Training.
• During its training, BERT reminds civilians to: Be Calm, Evaluate and Plan, Review for safety concerns and Take Action
• BERT works with business leaders and first responders to form a team approach to successfully managing an
unexpected disaster or event.

Participant Testimonial:
...the other day I watched a wreck on I-10 where a car hit a truck and sent it out of control to where it flipped into the other lane. Your course kicked in.... Me and my guy jumped out of our truck I told him to call 911 and get that handled and I ran to the old man in the truck. A lady stopped and asked what she could do... I sent her to my truck and gave her my employee's name to ask for my first aid box. The others came up and asked, I had them directing traffic until authorities came up and I was putting bandages on the 92 year old head to stop the bleeding. Then another man came up with a medical kit and I asked if he had any training and he had first responders cert so I then stepped back and took direction from him until the medical staff got there to take him to the hospital. The old man never passed out and never complained. The rail of the truck or the strut that holds the roof bent down and scalped the old man when the truck flipped. After it was over, I thought of your (BERT) training and the fact that it all fell into place.

To get training and more information about the BERT Foundation and its activities, please contact:

Scott Robertson, APR
Robertson Communications Corp.


The recommended Certification for the BERT training program is offered by
the American Council for Accredited Certification or ACAC.

ACAC Certification Summary:

Council-certified Emergency Operations personnel (CEOP, CEOM and CEOC) coordinate and manage a company's response to a natural or man-made disaster in the event that government first responders cannot arrive immediately. From fire suppression and light search & rescue to medical and building triage, Council-certified personnel have knowledge and experience in a wide range of disciplines relevant to disaster management. Working as part of the regular staff of any business, they develop and maintain procedures and chains of command that enable the company to maintain order in the event of an emergency and provide first responders with an accurate assessment of the situation when they arrive.

Council-certified Emergency Operations personnel (CEOP, CEOM and CEOC) possess verified knowledge of the disaster management field. The CEOP, CEOM and CEOC certification exams cover the most respected reference texts in the industry. Candidates must know the important industry standards. They must be familiar with scientific principles governing a wide range of disasters and their implications for life and health. They must understand the most common practices and protocols used by first responders, as they often perform the work of first responders in the first hours after a disaster strikes.

A CEOP, CEOM or CEOC possesses verified experience in emergency operations management in settings like these:

• Offices and commercial buildings
• Industrial structures
• Government facilities
• Schools and public buildings
• Healthcare facilities
• Residential structures
• Sports stadiums
• Shopping malls
• Houses of worship

To earn the Council-certified Emergency Operations Professional (CEOP), Council-certified Emergency
Operations Manager (CEOM) or Council-certified Emergency Operations Coordinator (CEOC) designations,
candidates must:

• Demonstrate verifiable field experience in emergency operations management
• Pass a rigorous examination based on broad industry knowledge rather than a course curriculum
• Earn the unanimous approval of the CEOP certification board
• Re-certify every two years
• Participate in 20 hours of professional development activities each year
• Maintain the highest ethical standards

For more information and to get your certification, please follow the link below to the ACAC website today!

The ACAC offers three certifications for Emergency Operations Management
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