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Legends Environmental has a great new environmental impairment liability (EIL) program available for private educational facilities. This program is written with an AM Best A Rated carrier. This program can be customized to cover most if not all environmental exposures that educational facilities are facing.

Environmental Exposure:

Private Schools, Colleges and Universities, environmental exposures from historical and present day practices represent serious health hazards and financial risk. Environmental insurance offer Colleges and Universities a variety of ways to protect themselves from these diverse environmental risks, including known or estimated contamination obligations relating to historical pollution. Insured’s have the flexibility to choose coverage for multiple sites, operations, and non-owned disposal and contracting liabilities.

Premium and Limits:

• Minimum start at $5000
• Deductibles start at $5000
• Limits up to $11 million
• Mold Limits up to $11 Million

Liability Coverage's:

• On-site cleanup of new or pre-existing conditions triggered by first-party discovery or third party claim
• 3rd party for on-site bodily injury and property damage
• 3rd party claims for off-site cleanup
• 3rd party claims for off-site bodily injury and property damage
• 3rd party claims for on-site bodily injury, property damage or cleanup costs - non-owned locations
• Third-party claims for off-site bodily injury, property damage or cleanup costs - non-owned locations
• Pollution conditions resulting from transported cargo
• First-party coverage for business interruption Underground Storage Tank Mold Coverage

Claim Scenario:

Claims Studies Involving Colleges And Universities. The following examples demonstrate just some of the many ways in which colleges and universities can incur environmental liabilities.

Costly Cleanup

A large midwestern university disposed of its science lab wastes in a 53-year-old, 20,000-gallon underground storage tank. The underground tank ruptured and contaminated the soil, the private wells and the groundwater that flowed into a nearby reservoir. Several third parties sued the university, with claims totaling $450,000. In addition, costs to clean up the reservoir amounted to $1.1 million.

Filter Failure Causes Fumes

In the chemistry lab of a small Southern college, experiments were being conducted under an old hood. The hood filters failed and released toxic fumes into the community-several residents had to be evacuated and others rushed to the hospital. The college was sued for several third party claims, along with a $215,000 property damage claim for contingent business loss.

Lab Wastes Pollute Water

A university in New England was discharging liquid lab waste to the campus wastewater treatment plant. When the plant failed, toxic liquids contaminated the publicly owned treatment works (POTW), forcing its closure. The university was charged with the $65,000 environmental cleanup and contingent business loss that resulted from contamination of the POTW.

Underground Tank Ruptures

While constructing a new sports stadium at a Western university, a contractor ruptured two abandoned 10,000-gallon underground storage tanks full of gasoline and diesel fuels. Since the land was donated to the university by a private company and the contractor did not have pollution insurance, the university was charged $200,000 for the environmental cleanup.

Spill Spreads Mercury Contamination

A large university in Ohio contracted plumbing work on one of its science labs. While dismantling laboratory piping, the contractor discovered an existing mercury spill that resulted in mercury contamination throughout the building. Costs to clean up the contamination and restore the building to its original condition were $350,000.

The examples above are intended to illustrate the wide variety of environmental exposures faced by institutions, business and industry and the many ways in which those exposures can arise. Insurance coverage in any particular case will depend upon the type of policy in effect, the terms, conditions and exclusions in any such policy and the facts of each unique situation. No representation is made that any specific insurance coverage would apply in the above examples. Please refer to the individual policy forms for specific coverage details.

Submission Requirements:

• Environmental Impairment Liability Application
• IAQ/Mold Questionnaire
• Property Schedule

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