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Contractors Pollution Coverage  

Contractors Pollution Occurrence (CPO) Overview:

Contractors Pollution Occurrence (CPO) protects contractors against claims for third-party bodily injury, property damage or environmental damage arising from pollution conditions caused in the performance of covered operations. The coverage applies to sudden and gradual pollution events and responds to cleanup costs, both on and off the work site. CPO provides coverage for events arising from the performance of covered operations by the insured or subcontractors, claims alleging improper supervision of subcontractors against the insured, and coverage for claims arising out of environmental work performed by the insured or subcontractor. CPO is available on a claims-made basis as Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL).

Customer Profile:

• General Contractors
• Construction Managers
• Street and Road Contractors
• Maintenance Contractors
• Electrical Contractors
• Mechanical Contractors
• Demolition Contractors
• Environmental Contractors
• Aboveground and Underground Storage Tank Contractors
• Site Restoration and Cleanup Contractors
• Response Action/Emergency Spill Response Contractors
• Transformer/PCB Contractors
• Trade Contractors
• HVAC Contractors
• Industrial Contractors


Our markets provide broad environmental coverage as opposed to the limited give backs or no coverage afforded by CGL programs. Government agencies have varying standards concerning contractors' environmental liability in remediation work. The occurrence coverage will separate the contractors from their competitors to successfully negotiate and win contracts with these governmental agencies. The CPO policy provides protection against third-party action over claims to include coverage for liability assumed by the named insured under an insured contract. This enhancement protects the insured against pollution-related damages arising out of contractual liabilities excluded under the insured's Commercial General Liability policy.


Contractors Pollution Occurrence (CPO) provides coverage for bodily injury, property damage and environmental damage arising out of the named insured's covered operations. The CPO policy is written on an occurrence basis and can be written on a claims-made basis. Coverage protects all construction activities of the named insured, a listing of operations is no longer required. Covers both on and off site cleanup costs arising from sudden and gradual pollution conditions. Covers completed operations. Blanket or project-specific coverage is available.

The definition of bodily injury does not exclude mental anguish. Project specific, contractor controlled and wrap-up coverage’s for long-term Superfund or other remedial/construction projects infrastructure construction projects single- or multiple-site projects Brownfield projects land-based or marine projects Increased limits are available to meet contract requirements for specific projects. Provides full coverage for work performed on Superfund sites.

Legal defense costs are included in the limits. Coverage for claims alleging improper supervision or lack of supervision of qualified subcontractors. Liability coverage for the named insured that is assumed by contract with their client for subcontracted operations. Contractual liability coverage is provided for contracts insured’s enter into with their clients. Natural resource damages are defined and covered in the definition of property damage. Multi-year policies are available.

Companion Products:

• Asbestos/Lead Liability Insurance Products
• Contractors Abatement Liability Insurance
• Abatement Umbrella

Submission Requirements:

• CPO application
• For projects, please include the following: job specifications, background engineering and product description.

Premium and Limits:

MINIMUM DEDUCTIBLE $2,500 on the GL and $10,000 on the CPL for Mold
LIMIT $1,000,000.00 with more capacity available

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