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Pollution Legal Liability (PLL)  

PLL Commercial-SM is a unique, first-of-its-kind environmental policy form modeled after a standard commercial general liability contract. The broad insuring agreement is ideal for first-time environmental insurance buyers and allows for efficiencies in covering a range of environmental risks. PLL Commercial-SM provides blanket coverage for properties, disposal sites, operations and transportation exposures and can be endorsed to provide products pollution coverage. It is the only environmental insurance policy available that automatically provides coverage for all properties and activities associated with operations of the insured without scheduling each individual site or operation.

Customer Profile:

• Chemical Facilities
• Manufacturing Facilities
• Medical Facilities
• High Tech Commercial Industry
• Research and Development Firms
• Educational Facilities
• Recreational Facilities
• Public Entities
• Laboratories
• Bulk Storage and Distribution Facilities


Provides broad coverage, which gives the insured the security of knowing that environmental exposures are protected without having to go through the process of specifically identifying each exposure and choosing the corresponding coverage’s General liability type policy language and construction provides a more readable, understandable environmental insurance policy particularly important for first-time buyers By covering facilities, operations, transportation, and disposal under one policy, PLL Commercial-SM eliminates the need for multiple environmental insurance policies and minimum premiums.


PLL Commercial-SM offers the broadest environmental form available and includes coverage for:
• Onsite cleanup coverage for insured premises triggered by first-party discovery
• Third-Party claims for bodily injury, property damage & cleanup costs (both on and off-site exposures)

Covers the insured’s liability from the following exposures:

• Premises
• Contracting Operations
• Transportation (owned and non-owned vehicles)
• Disposal Sites
• Completed Operations
• Coverage for products pollution is available by endorsement
• No retroactive date is applied to the policy except for non-owned disposal sites
• Reporting conditions under the policy are as soon as practicable
• Coverage for punitive damages, fines and penalties where allowable by law
• Definition of bodily injury does not exclude mental anguish
• Natural resource damages are defined and covered in the definition of property damage
• Can be endorsed to provide an incident reporting provision
• Policy provides option of up to 40-month extended reporting period
• Covers both sudden and gradual pollution conditions

Submission Requirements:

PLL Commercial-SM Application

Premium and Limits:

$1,000,000 limit, one year term MINIMUM PREMIUM $5,000

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