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Environmental Insurance usually addresses the three major types of liability that people in the environmental business are exposed to, but for all practical purposes these exposures have become "exclusions" in Standard Insurance policies. Below please find our basic overview of the coverage's and programs available. If you don't see your exposure listed below fear not, just give us a call and we'll outline the program that suites your particular needs. Here at legends we pride ourselves on our service, give us a call today and give us the opportunity to prove it!

These three types of liability coverage's are:

General Liability - Which protects against claims for bodily injury or property damages that results from a pollution occurrences on the insured's property, or from operations that takes place away from their premises, or perhaps from the insured's product.

Professional Liability - When one makes a legal contractual commitment to provide their professional services they become liable, not only to provide the service, but for any damages that might be experienced by a third party as a result of their action, advice, or failure to provide the service.

Pollution Liability - For individuals and organization that face the possibility of releasing a pollutant as a function of their work operations, be it from accident, equipment failure, negligence--or for whatever reason--will need pollution liability insurance. Each year brings many new and different types of products that provide "specialty type" coverage but the original, and sort of the grand daddy of all environmental liability policies, is generally referred to as EIL, or Environmental Impairment Liability. These policies are for claims made on specific designated sites, and will usually provide relief for bodily injury, property damage and legal expense.


The Contractors programs is very flexible one and offers contractors, of almost any type of operation, a policy with combinations of General, Contractors Pollution and Professional Liability and, at a very competitive price.

The three major policy types are:

1. Remedial Action Contractors Program

The Remedial Action Contractors Program, (here after shortened to RAC) is the most cost effective and easy to administer insurance program for the contractor. It may be combined to include General, Contractor Pollution and Professional Liability coverage's on one form. The RAC policy may be configured in many different versions, including the addition of the Asbestos and Lead Abatement coverage on an occurrence basis, as well as adding asbestos transportation coverage. Its a "mix and match" dream, plus it does change periodically, so it might be advisable to call and discuss the many options and pricing before you submit the applications.

2. Asbestos and Lead Abatement Program

If you are a contractor doing only Asbestos and Lead Abatement, this should be the program for you. There will be a special application available for you, which is easier to complete than the RAC application. Again, this policy is flexible and can be written to respond to meet the needs of contractors for various bid requirements. For example, it will allow the contractor to insure on a claims made basis and have occurrence available when needed, without paying an additional minimum premium. If desired, the asbestos policy may be written on a blanket coverage basis, eliminating reporting of prior asbestos jobs.

3. Monoline Pollution Liability

This coverage can be constructed to satisfy most all types of contractors. It is provided on a claims made basis form and will respond to pollution incidents caused by a contractor doing their job at a specified job location. Go to the Contractors Page, where the program is more defined and the applications submission checklist and other documentation may be printed as required.


For the Environmental Consultant we offer two basic type policies:

1. Environmental Professional Special Liability (EPL), and
2. Consultant Professional and Pollution Liability (CPPL).

The consultant will select one of these based on:

1) Gross Revenue
2) Scope of Operations
3) Pre-existing coverage's

Whether or not they already have a General Liability policy. The EPL program is a "total exposure" type policy that includes General and Professional Liability and can be endorse to provide Contractors Pollution Liability. The CPPL program provides the Professional and Pollution Liability coverage and would be chosen by those that already have their general liability covered.

Property Owners:

Property Owners have become increasingly aware of the need for protection for their exposure created by limits, or total exclusions, on their standard Property Liability policies in regard to the release of environmental pollutants. To address this need, Legends offers owners the Site Liability Environmental Exposures Policy (SLEEP).

The SLEEP program basically offers the property owner coverage for on-site cleanup when a pollutant is released, plus cleanup of adjacent sites, provided that these adjacent sites received their pollution as a result of migration form the insured's property. The program also offers third party bodily injury and property damage, plus legal defense cost to the property owner.

Storage Tanks:

The Storage Tank program was developed to provide Pollution Liability coverage for tanks containing petroleum and petroleum related products. This policy meets the requirements for the insured to receive an EPA Certificate of Insurance, provided they maintain compliance. Coverage is on a claims made basis. The policy includes legal defense cost, up to $100,000 per incident.

Some Potential Insured Categories:

• Petroleum Marketers
• Service Stations
• Underground Tank Owner/Operators
• Trucking & Distributing Operations
• Fuel Distribution Fleet Facilities and Garages


Legends offers a multi-faceted program for Commercial Waste Facilities. It is actually a combination of several distinct programs that can be tailored to meet the requirements of about any site/operation. Hazardous Waste sites are not eligible under our standard program but may be considered individually. Call us. Coverage is available with or without Pollution Liability. All coverage's are exclusively on a claims made basis.

Eligible Classes:

• Municipal Solid Waste Facilities
• Composting Centers
• Construction Debris Landfill.
• Mono-fills (none Haz-Mat type)
• Land Farms (soil treatment)Note: Waste Water Treatment and Incineration Facilities are also insurable but require a Special Application. Contact us for a detailed explanation.

Click here to read a White Paper detailing the Common Endorsements, or click on the thumbnail below to open the pdf.

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Products Overview
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