Environmental Consulting has been one of the fastest expanding market segments for the past decade. Insured’s in this segment range from Mold Consultants to Soil Consultants. With ever increasing government regulation and environmental sustainability awareness, this market segment is poised to continue to expand for years to come. Environmental Consultants work with industries ranging from real estate, to construction, to oil / gas industries.

A sampling of the work that the Environmental Consultants we work with may include:

• Expert Witness / Litigation Support
• Health & Safety Training
• Soil Sampling & Analysis
• Storage Tank Assessments / Testing

• Phase I, II, III Reports
• Wetlands / Wildlife Consulting
• Oilfield Oversight / Testing
• Mold / Lead / Contaminate Testing

These professionals inspect properties to assess potential contamination in the form of lead, mold asbestos, radon, and other potential contaminates.

The coverage most often written for Environmental Contractors is GL / CPL / PL Package Policies (TPL often times added) These Package Polices packages provide the broadest possible coverage for contractors whose operations include contact with jobs or materials which can cause or have already caused a pollution event. The combining of commercial general liability with contractor’s pollution, professional liability, and transportation liability provides a strong net of protection while remaining very competitive from a pricing standpoint.

What is an Environmental Consultants Package?

• This policy combines multiple lines of coverage into one policy with shared limits; eliminating the need for multiple policies
...with differing forms and conditions. The standard General Liability policy excludes Pollution and Professional coverage. By
...combining them.into one policy, insured's eliminate coverage gaps, and can take advantage of combined pricing.

How does the coverage work?

• Coverage is based of the CGL coverage part
• Packages can be written to include Contractors Pollution, Site Pollution, Transportation Pollution, and Professional.
• Provides an enhancement to General Liability coverage and protects the insured from a possible gap in coverage where
...the GL might exclude Bodily Injury / Property Damage arising from the discharge of pollutants from a product.
• Coverage can be structured to share one aggregate or provide separate aggregates for each coverage part.
• Insured's operations can be a mix of Environmental and non-Environmental. Usually 35% must be Environmental work
...for consideration.
• Can be Environmental or Energy related.
• Coverage is available on an occurrence or claims made basis.

Who buys it?

• Tank removal, installation, cleaning contractors.
• Disaster restoration contractors
• Medical waste disposal companies
• Environmental engineers and consultants
• Consultants focused on permitting, oversight, monitoring, and lab work.
• Government service contractors
• Emergency response contractors
• Agricultural Contractors (pond management, insecticide, herbicide)
• Industrial / Commercial Plant service and maintenance contractors
• Asbestos, Lead, Mold abatement contractors

Coverage Enhancements Available:

• Site Pollution coverage for the insured's owned / leased premises
• Coverage for Transportation Pollution for both first and third party
• Coverage for Waste Stream Disposal and Non Owned Disposal Facilities
• Natural Resource Damages
• Blanket Additional Insured for Ongoing and Completed Operations
• Products Pollution coverage for insured's who manufacture and install products.
• Separate Defense Limits
• Blanket Waiver of Subrogation
• Excess coverage can be written following form over all coverage parts.
• Auto Liability can be added for the insured's vehicles

Cost & Limits Available

• Premiums start at $2,500 + tax and fee
• Limits are available from $1,000,000 up to $25,000,000

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