It provides excellent summarizations of the current coverage's available to help mitigate costs and damage. The eS also provides additional information and insight into where the market trends are going and what further risks maybe. I highly recommend obtaining the eS designation for any insurance professional looking to expand their resources and knowledge of environmental insurance.

Joshua Williams, CPCU
Assistant Vice President, Insurance and Risk Management
CWCapital Asset Management
Risk Management and Indemnity Solutions for Environmental Hazards - it's a complicated and ever evolving business

In few areas of insurance are the exposures and solutions as challenging and hazardous as those presented by environmental risks. The eStrategist training and certification program is impressive and a great learning opportunity, I strongly recommend it for all Insurance Professionals and Risk.

Management counselors. In any environmental context the range of disciplines required for management and resolution requires expert knowledge and access to resources. Earning an eStrategist certification not only provides you tools for the leading role in managing environmental exposures, but as insurance agents its a strong step in the direction of distinguishing oneself to customers with environmental exposures.

Even with over 35 years of risk management and distribution experience I found the eStrategist program provided important procedural guidance, expert knowledge and a comprehensive insurance learning experience. It's furthered my capabilities as a risk management professional, reinforced my credentials, its no-brainer for Insurance Agents and Underwriters looking to stay on the forefront of commercial risk management and indemnity solutions.

Terry Quested
ARM Ohio
I have gained a greater confidence in dealing with environmental exposures

In a 42 year career in our industry as an underwriter, marketing representative and independent agent I have dealt with about every risk and coverage to come down the insurance pike. Without question, environmental insurance has always made me uncomfortable due to my lack of understanding of issues affecting businesses from these complicated perils. Since the property and casualty industry has always treated this coverage as a specialty line, I never felt in the comfort zone when dealing with these exposures.

Having gone through the eStrategist certification, I have gained a greater confidence in dealing with environmental exposures from an identification and coverage point of view. This comprehensive series of webinars has given me the tools necessary to not only discuss these perils with my clients, but the ability to genuinely find the proper risk management or insurance tool to address the exposure.

There is no question that in this day of strong government regulation and oversight, an insurance or risk management professional must become proficient in dealing with environmental exposures that all our clients face in their particular business or industry. Not only are we complying with our professional obligation to our insured, but we will be bringing them a service in which very few of our competitors are competent.

I strongly urge all to consider undertaking the eStrategist certification program. The knowledge you gain will become an important weapon in your arsenal.

Steve Stewart
ARM Indiana
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