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Effectively all business have either a direct or in-direct environmental exposure. Businesses with direct environmental exposures are quite obvious like chemical manufacturers, hazardous materials transporters, and environmental remediation contractors. Businesses with in-direct environmental exposures are not quite so obvious, like a retail greeting card shop. When the dry cleaner three doors down from the card shop has a spill of their dry cleaning chemicals and the mall has to be evacuated for a week while the chemicals are cleaned up, the card shop has just experienced an in-direct environmental exposure. Is this covered?

With all the pressure on businesses to keep up with ongoing regulatory change, most have operated reactively which means they manage environmental events after they occur through regulatory compliance actions and litigation. For a business to create true value, they must move beyond litigation and government compliance by taking control of their environmental exposures. Our SmartChoice Environmental Exposure Training portal educates insurance agents to help their clients with minimizing risk, maximizing value while optimizing performance.

Assisting businesses in managing and transferring their environmental exposures is a core function of a modern insurance agent. With this in mind, two training opportunities await SmartChoice Agents.

Free Option
Two Hour Session $150
Full Environmental Strategist $150

This option provides access to the environmental marketplace for those who are already familiar with Environmental Risks and Exposures as well as the coverage's currently available.

In 2-Hour Seminar participants will learn:

How environmental liability insurance can fill gaps in standard property and casualty insurance coverage’s.

About each type of environmental liability insurance available in the market place today.

How to assist their client’s with their environmental insurance needs insurance professionals need to understand the environmental exposures impacting their client’s.

Review a variety of important environmental exposures like Federal and State environmental laws so agents are aware of what they are and how they impact their clients/prospects.

The full Environmental Strategist training expands on the two hour session, in addition to what’s learned in the 2-Hour session, the attendees will learn to:

Provide an Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA). ERAs are designed to educate a business on their environmental exposures so the business and their insurance professional are on the same page about the environmental exposures impacting their operations and make an informed decision if environmental insurance can add value to their business model.

Learn how to assist their client’s in development and execution of an Environmental Management Strategy

Assist insureds in becoming a sustainable business.


For eS online CE we have confirmation from the following states they will be offering eS to their members: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah.

We are still waiting to hear from the following states if they will be offering eS online for CE for their members: California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Metropolitan Washington AIIA, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Please take time to read a few the testimonials from fellow professionals on their thoughts about this training.

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